Project Rebrand - Affiliate Program


Affiliate Program

Word of Mouth is still the world’s best marketing tool,  so we need you to tell all of your friends and colleagues about us! And for doing that,  WE PAY YOU! That’s right we’ve developed an awesomely free affiliate program that pays you a percentage for every client that you refer.

 Here is how it works:

You: Sign-up using the form below.

Us: We will send you your affiliate code and marketing materials via email

You: Start sharing the marketing materials and your affiliate code via social media, at meetings,  on your website,  in your company’s email marketing, and basically anywhere else people would care.

*enters client*

Client: Signs up on our website and enters your affiliate code.

Us: Once the project has been completed, we will send you your cut  via Paypal or add the credit to your account to use towards your next #projectrebrand service (totally your preference).

You: “What time does the mall close? “

Our Super Awesome Commission Structure Breakdown:

For Services Up to $149  you receive a 20% Commission
For  Services from $150 to $499 you receive a 15% Commission
For Services from $500+ you receive a 10% Commission

Affliliate Quick Sign-Up

ten + 11 =? 

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